Hosted Solution

Use our Hosted Director (Control Server) and our Hosted GUI. Backup your Infrastructure to your own Storage Devices or to our Cloud Storage

Key Features

Hosted Bacula4

Ease of management and reduced costs. Utilize our hosted infrastructure and access our Director (control server) and our Cloud Based GUI to manage your backups and restores.  Backup your Servers and Virtual Machines to your own Storage Devices or to our Cloud Storage. Simple point and click functionality. Everything Auto-Installs via the Bacula4 GUI including Storage Devices, along with Linux and Windows Servers you are backing up.

Supported Platforms

Support for practically every operating system including Windows, Linux and Free BSD, multiple database platforms including MS SQL, PgSQL, MongoDB and MySQL. Backup MySQL using native MySQL Dump and/or Percona no impact Xtrabackup. Backup your Microsoft Exchange users and provide your users full PST files they can use to restore their Outlook in case of disaster to their laptops/workstations.

Bare Metal Restore (BMR)

In case of disaster, initiate a Bare Metal Restore (BMR) of your Server or Virtual Machine and restore it to a last known good system state.

Storage Options

No more expensive proprietary hardware. Use any server with Red Hat/CentOS loaded as a Storage Device. Build your storage devices on inexpensive commodity hardware and high capacity SATA drives. Add as many storage devices as required without additional costs. Want to use our Cloud Storage as your primary or secondary backup location? not a problem, we provide a low per GB fee for our Cloud Storage option.

Technical Details


  • Pre-built and packaged support for multiple Operating Systems (Windows – all versions, RHEL – v4,5,6&7, CENTOS – v4,5,6&7, CloudLinux – v5,6&7 OpenSuse x64 – v11.x,12.x,Debian Wheezy/Squeeze, Ubuntu – v12.x/14.x, FreeBSD – v8,v9)
  • Support for every other *nix flavor can be achieved by utilizing and compiling whatever is required via our Bacula Open Source Client option
  • Use any device with a RHEL/CENTOS v5 or v6 install as a Storage Server
  • MySQL – all versions (fully portable format including InnoDB & MyISAM)
  • pgSQL – all versions (full portable format)
  • MongoDB (Backup and Recovery)
  • MS SQL – all versions (fully portable format)
  • Support for OpenVZ, Virtuozzo Platforms (single server license per Master Node with unlimited containers)
  • Support for all Virtualization Platforms including XEN, XenServer, KVM, VMWare
  • Support for all major Cloud Providers including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Cartika
  • BMR (Bare Metal Restore) capability for all Operating Systems (except FreeBSD or Open Source Compiled Clients)
  • File level backup and restore capability for FreeBSD and Open Source Compiled Clients)
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange with individual PST backups
  • Create a single job to backup to multiple storage devices (onsite &/or offsite)
  • GZIP6 compression. 25-60% compression of data with minimal CPU impact
  • Advanced job status reporting capabilities
  • Advanced storage capacity reporting capabilities
  • Ability to exclude specific files &/or folders from backup job configurations


Storage Devices (SD’s)

  • Utilize any Server/Device with RHEL/CentOS v5,6 installed
  • Mount any storage device (SAN or NAS)


SD Recommend Hardware Configuration (if not using SAN/NAS)

CPU: Any modern single dual core, or quad core (preferred) will suffice.
Memory: 2GB minimum, although 4GB-16GB is preferred (higher capacity and usage = higher memory requirements)
Disk: Dependent heavily on what you are backing up, although good quality, high capacity SATA drives work just fine. We prefer Enterprise grades drives in a hardware raid (with BBU), although software raid will work, it depends heavily on your environment. Regardless, when configuring raid, we strongly recommend RAID1/6/10/60.

Currently, we support RHEL/CENTOS 5/6 32/64bit (we strongly advise customers to use 64bit distributions).


We require customers present one partition per Storage Daemon for bacula4 volumes. Although ext3 will function, we prefer xfs or ext4 for increased performance. Furthermore, it’s also important that customers have enough space allocated to the partition storing the working directory for the SD. For many, this path will be located on the / partition, as the full path to the default working directory is /opt/bacula/working/. The partition storing the working directory needs to have at least 10GB available for this folder’s temporary working files, perhaps more depending on the number of jobs running on your SD at a given time. If this is not the case, the bacula4 SD working directory can be altered.

Pricing & Buy

Physical Server


Virtual Server


*$299 account fee

** 20% annual maintenance/support fee per account and per licenses charged 1 year and each year after purchase.

*** Virtual Machines include any Virtual Server Created on any Hypervisor Platform. Also Includes Virtual Machines hosted with Cloud Providers like Amazon, Rackspace, Google, Digital Ocean, Cartika. Max RAM=32GB for a Virtual Server License. VM’s larger then 32GB require a Physical Server license

**** Cloud Backup Disk Space sold at $0.10/GB in 100GB increments

4 Hosts (SPLA)

End User Restore

Bacula4 offers complete End User Restore capability for all of your hosting customers.  Pre-built Hosting Control Panel modules for cPanel, Plesk (Windows and Linux), Hsphere (Windows and Linux), Interworx, Directadmin, ISPSystem/ISPManager and Websitepanel (Exchange). Prebuilt WHMCS and Hostbill modules allowing you to offer your customers, across various services (Including Onapp, Xenserver, SolusVM, cPanel, etc), end user, self service restore capabilities from your customer billing/management platform. Alternatively, use our API to integrate into any other environment.

Cloud Platform Integration

Billing level integration with popular Cloud/VM delivery platforms (OnAPP, Xenserver, SolusVM). Connect your platforms to the Bacula4 GUI and take advantage of our special hypervisor + VM licensing model. For unsupported platforms, simply purchase our stand alone VM licenses for each VM you wish to backup.

BaaS (Backup as a Service)

Sell Backups as a Service to your customers. Pre built BaaS modules for WHMCS and Hostbill. Alternatively, utilize our API to integrate BaaS capabilities into any other billing/management platform. Allow your customers to purchase Bacula4 licenses and disk space on your Storage Devices. Customers add their own Servers/VM’s, manage their own backup schedules/retention and of course restore their own data.  Best of all, they never leave your billing/management interface.

Multiple Location Support

Backup your servers and Virtual Machines in multiple facilities.  Backup to local Storage Devices over the LAN within each facility, backup over the WAN to Storage Devices in other facilities, or do both and backup over the LAN locally and replicate offsite over the WAN.

Virtual Full

Take an original network based full backup. Once the original full backup is done, save your network capacity and overhead and forever take incremental backups over the network.  Any additional full backups required by the system will be compiled directly on your Storage Devices utilizing our Virtual Full technology.

SPLA Licensing Model

A special licensing model for service providers which aligns our license pricing with your business model.  A monthly, pay per use model for your infrastructure and services.

Purchasing Information (Larger Requirements, please see Self Hosted DataCenter Edition)

Server Pricing

  • $14/server
  • Max 20 Physical Servers

Cloud platform vm pricing*

  • $3/VM
  • $8/Connected Hypervisor
  • Max 4 Hypervisors and 30 VM’s

Stand alone VM pricing**

  • $6/VM
  • Max 30 VM’s

* We currently support Onapp (XEN, KVM, VMWare), SolusVM (XEN, KVM) and Citrix Xenserver. You must have admin access to supported platform. Licensing is priced as $8/connected hypervisor on the supported platform + a per protected VM fee housed on the licensed hypervisor. OpenVZ and Virtuozzo Master nodes are licensed as Physical servers.  With a physical server license, you backup the entire OpenVZ/Virtuozzo master node and an unlimited number of containers on that node.

** Stand alone VMs work on any Virtualization Platform. Admin access to hypervisors is not required. Maximum size is 32GB RAM.

*** Cloud Backup Disk Space sold at $0.10/GB in 100GB increments