Bacula4 Commercial Open Source Data Backups

The backup and recovery solution built on open standards and open platforms. Backup practically any infrastructure, located anywhere to your own storage devices or to our cloud. Simple, Cost Effective, Scalable

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Safeguard Your Servers

Whether your servers are in your offices or located in data centers, you can backup all of your servers, with support for practically every Operating System and every Data Base platform. In case of disaster, recover any file or database from any available restore point – and/or – utilize our Bare Metal Restore option to recover an entire server and system state

Cloud Enabled

Finally, a backup and recovery solution for the Cloud. Bacula4 will backup any Virtual Machine, hosted on any Hypervisor.  Your Virtual Machines hosted in house, or with Cloud Providers like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Digital Ocean or Cartika.  Quickly and easily restore files &/or databases, or Bare Metal Restore your entire Virtual Machine back to a last known good system state.

Open Standards

Built on top of the Open Source Platform.  Bacula is a lightweight, full featured, backup and recovery solution. A mature platform, trusted by System Administrators everywhere to backup millions of Servers and Virtual machines. The Bacula4 platform is built on Open Standards and operates on commodity hardware. Full featured API allows for extensive integration capabilities.

Bacula4 Solutions

Hosted (Cloud)

Utilize our Hosted Infrastructure – Director (control server) plus our Hosted GUI. Backup to your own storage devices or to our Cloud Storage.



Install the entire Bacula4 platform, including the Director (control server) plus GUI on your own Hardware and backup to your own Storage Devices on commodity hardware.