Bacula4. The Commercial Open Source Backup and Recovery Solution

About Us

Bacula4 is a commercial backup and recovery automation solution built on top of the worlds most popular open source engine from Built on open standards, using open concepts, its simply a more intelligent way to manage your backup and recovery requirements. Bacula4 builds and maintains a full automation and integration suite and enables even the most junior technician to quickly and simply manage a complete backup and DR strategy for any business. Bacula is trusted by 1000’s of IT professionals and enterprises to backup and restore their data.  The engine is mature, reliable, stable and proven. Bacula4 adds automation, integration, business logic and support to the platform. Scalable, cost effective, flexible and supported 24×7.

The Back Story

Originally developed out of necessity and to solve specific business needs and requirements in 2008 by Cartika ( Cartika is a mid-sized infrastructure and managed hosting provider. Having the requirement to backup very large environments, across multiple platforms, very large and busy hypervisors which would crumble under heavy hypervisor snapshot activity and a demanding customer base continually wanting to revert files and/or databases to previous versions, Cartika went into the market and assessed every available backup/recovery solution available. It was determined that none of them were adequate or capable of meeting their very robust requirements. The decision was made to build their own in house solution based on the powerful, open source, Bacula engine. Today, Cartika is backing up 1000’s of servers and virtual machines using the Bacula4 platform, and their customer base is performing 5000-10000 self service restore requests each and every day, and are adding backup and disaster recovery solutions to their own server and virtual machines in a self service manner – thus alleviating massive workloads from their support desk and technical teams. In 2011, the product was taken to market as a new and separate entity, Bacula4 Inc.

About Open Source is simply the most widely recognized and used Open Source backup and recovery solution by system administrators everywhere.  With over 2.2 Million downloads, Bacula is trusted to backup and restore millions of servers world wide. Bacula4 has created an extensive automation and integration platform on top of this engine, enabling everyone with the ability to utilize this technology.  Bacula4 offers automation, 24×7 support as well as, ongoing development and engineering on top of the core open source Bacula engine.

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